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Starting on YouTube in 2016 reacting to music, he surprised his newly found audience with a project of his own the following year titled White Trash.
In 2018, he dropped "prequel", a standalone single that remains as his most streamed song at nearly 3.5 million hits. His follow-up mixtape peachfuzz! released in December of that year, hailed as his best project thus far.
Wasting little time, Tabby put together a 7 track EP called Recorded In My Car where, as the title suggests, he recorded 7 tracks in his car. He has released singles such as This Song Sucks and Kelly Green, but the EP stands as his last full project since 2019.
His debut studio album, now set to release in 2023, sees him venturing away from hip-hop in favor of pop rock and dance to explore themes of performance, idolization, and that ever so starry-eyed desire of fame. Cry Baby set things off as the lead single on January 20th.

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