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Rebounder is the project of New York City native producer and writer Dylan Chenfeld, with his brother Noah Chenfeld. Joined by Cobey Arner and Zack Kantor.

Rebounder already has received early critical praise from The FADER, NME, Office Magazine, DIY, Notion, Culness, and has an extensive touring history supporting shows for the likes of The Neighbourhood, Dayglow, Cautious Clay, and Nasty Cherry.

Their 2020 single "Night Sports" was featured on Ezra Koenig's Time Crisis and closed out an episode of Showtime's Shameless. Rebounder also recently modeled for a brand collaboration with menswear company Corridor, featuring their track "Slow Angel."

In the final three months of 2020, Rebounder's Spotify streaming increased tenfold, from 20,000 monthly listeners to 200,000.

In the spring of 2021 Rebounder will begin releasing songs from a forthcoming project, beginning with the recently released track "Change Shapes" featuring The Neighbourhood's Jesse Rutherford. The FADER called the track "utterly charming" and was also added to the Pigeons and Planes Spotify playlist. An acoustic version of the song was premiered for the first time on the increasingly popular podcast How Long Gone.

"Utterly charming." - The FADER

"Some bands just seem to have it all together. From the first second of music they release to the accomplished videos, it all just works." - NME

"Rebounder's suave sound blends in with the emotive landscape of the 80s, providing a synesthetic experience for the listener." - Office Magazine

"If Rebounder was around during Gossip Girl, please tell me how there wouldn't have had a multi-track inclusion on the show." - Alt Citizen

"Japanese Posters is two-minutes-thirty of delightful cynicism, all packaged in the kind of earworm that could fool even the most hardened of hipsters into allegiance" - DIY

" Rebounder is the brainchild of New York native Dylan Chenfeld, specializing in genre-bending nostalgic pop and indie rock -- irresistible in the sense that even the coolest Bushwick hipster at the gig can't help but tap his feet." - Honey Punch Mag

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