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Neutral Snap

Neutral Snap is a 4-piece Pop-Punk band from New Orleans, Louisiana. Their music features many sounds of late ‘90s-early 2000s’ pop-punk alongside many contemporary elements. The group was originally formed by singer Joshua Latham and guitarist JP Brown while they were classmates at Jesuit High School. Fellow classmate Dominick Conforte was enlisted to play the bass, and the current lineup was solidified years later with the addition of drummer Ray-Ray Boudreoux in 2018.

Shortly after releasing their first single, ‘Out of Formality’ (2017), the group would embark on their first tour across the southeastern U.S, sponsored by entertainment platform Old Row. The following years’ release of ‘Yellow Suitcase’ was a success, garnering significant playlist and radio attention for the group. As their fanbase began to expand beyond their region, the band began to include portions of the east coast in their tours. Perfect Spiral was released in 2019 and was well received by fans, attracting the attention of a number of labels. The band released their fourth single, “Bed Sweats”, through New Orleans’ based Orange Music Records in the fall of 2019. On January 10th, 2020, Neutral Snap released their debut album “Sorry, I Passed Out” to positive reviews and strong fan support.

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