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Kitty Ray began her solo music career as a high-schooler, recording her viral hits ‘Okay Cupid’ and ‘Orion’s Belt’ in her closet between shifts at the mall in 2012. Before long, she’d become an innovative and illustrious DIY pop producer & songwriter, hitting #9 on Billboard’s dance charts with 2019’s “Rose Gold” and top 5 iTunes dance charts with 2014’s ‘Frostbite’.

Kitty’s voice and unique production can be heard in many indie videogames, and as part of her other two bands: gonzo EDM duo The Pom-Poms and lo-fi indie outfit Teen Suicide. 

Kitty’s new music will be released this year through her own record label, Pretty Wavvy.


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Kickstand Productions Presents
with Kitty
Chicago, IL
December 09, 2023 07:00 pm

$18.00 Buy Tickets