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“Indisposed is a four-piece band from Chicago, founded in 2017. Influenced by post-
hardcore, screamo, hardcore, and the late 90s / early 2000s emo, they merge the chaotic
energy of screamo basement shows with moments of slow introspection, examining lyrical
themes of overcoming abuse as it relates to personal and political power dynamics. Nina
Palumbo (’And No One Knew...’, ‘de facto enscripture’)cycles
between vulnerable spoken word and commanding screams whilst on guitar. Goose
DieGans’ (‘100 Options’, ‘Cori’) drums bring a fun intensity inspired by hardcore, which blends
odd time signatures seamlessly with George Bach’s (Lavisher) heavy noise-influenced bass
lines. Meanwhile, Andrew Robbin’s guitar sensibilities alternate from dissonant to
hauntingly melodic, sewing the four-piece together into one cohesive project. The band plays
exclusively in open minor tunings.”

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