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Arrows In Action

Formed in Gainesville, FL in 2015 by drummer Jesse Frimmel,
the three-piece — Frimmel, singer Victor Viramontes-Pattison,
and guitarist Matthew Fowler — has quickly become a band to
watch within the pop-rock scene.

Teeming with new-age nostalgia, they have produced a
substantial recorded offering that lends to a youthfully entrancing
live show. The translation of the band’s presence from online to
the stage is virtually seamless. On the internet and in the flesh,
fans are welcomed into a familial embrace fueled by comedic
personalities and the far-reaching grasp of music.

Authenticity drives everything the group does, from songwriting to
communication with fans. More often than not, their music doesn’t
seek to find a happy ending but instead acts as a tool for personal

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